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Fogatti is a leading brand for RV appliances. We carry an array of ground-breaking and consumer-focused RV appliance. Our enthusiasm and expertise ensure you can rely on Fogatti for your every mobile living. Along with cutting-edge technologies, we make sure to debut inventive new products and differentiated designs.



Your comfort on the road is non-compressible. Just because you're traveling in recreational vehicles doesn’t mean you leave your comfort and convenience back at home. But, when we’re creating a home away from home, Fogatti is relentless in our efforts to deliver innovative appliances. Having the perfect Fogatti appliances make your traveling journey easy and boundless.


At Fogatti, our mission is to make your entire RV experience enjoyable along with all the much-needed technology. From kitchen, comfort appliances to electronics, we’ve all covered to maximize your experiences.

Image by Aron Yigin


We understand that you get bored with stereotypes by those old fashioned RV appliances. By integrating considerable expertise on various home appliances and extensive knowledge about mobile living, we have crafted every product with you in mind. Space will no longer be the excuse to limit your mobile living.

Our Team

Our rapid growth is largely dedicated to our team members who put the needs of the RV owner first. The team of Fogatti works hard to deliver satisfying services on time. Moreover, our team has more than a decade of experience in the home appliances and RV industry.

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